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Giving Back

From our founding, The Veggie Republic has been committed to helping nourish families in need. Our concept was to find a way to deliver 5 pounds of fresh produce where it is most needed for every Veggie Bracelet sold. Easy to say, incredibly complicated to do.

That is why we take such pride in formally announcing our alliance with the California Association of Food Banks. CAFB is expert in assessing need and in delivering fresh produce across our state. Last year, through its innovative Farm to Family program, CAFB distributed over 140 million pounds of fresh produce to its 42 member local food banks. CAFB aims to increase that number to 200 million pounds over the next couple of years.

The Veggie Republic is committed to donating sufficient funding to allow CAFB to distribute 5 pounds of produce per bracelet sold to help reach their goal and to build a well nourished California. For more details on the amazing work CAFB performs in food distribution, food policy advocacy, and nutrition education, we invite you to visit their website atwww.cafoodbanks.org.

The Veggie Republic anticipates working along with CAFB in other ways as well to find new ways to achieve our common mission. We hope our Farm to Arm movement and CAFB’s Farm to Family program will enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship for the benefit of our neighbors in need.

Image Courtesy of Yolo County Food Bank.